During my Bachelor degree, I found construction and detailing classes the most interesting. I would like to predominantly focus on the finer construction details of a building, throughout my career. As I believe these components can either make or break a building, from the subtle, almost invisible details to the more complex details that can become a focal point within a design. Helping to define the character and quality of a building, from part to whole.
   I have decided to take a break from completing my Masters of Architecture, to pursue improving my skills within the industry and learn first hand about the design process, meeting deadlines, detailing and documenting buildings and managing projects.
  I have been actively working in the industry for the past two years, and I have recently begun managing my own projects, ranging from apartments to mixed-use buildings and community facilities.



I began my calligraphy journey as a child, when I begged my dad to buy me one of those collector calligraphy sets with the Saturday paper. Each week you would receive a new piece to add to the set, although much to my dads dismay, I barely used it. But that small glimpse into the calligraphy world was enough to stay with me until I picked it up again in 2016.

  Calligraphy for me, is a way to relax and centre myself. The joys I get out of calligraphy are endless, whether it be a new project to design, a new paper, a new writing medium to experiment with, a new way to draw a letter or simply a quote that really hits home. It never ceases to keep my brain swirling with ideas and put a smile on my face.




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